Welcome to our WehbehLand website

01. About our business

WEHBEH LAND is a family owned business company founded in 1993, gathering years of experience in selling wild and unique Christmas and Easter products.

Our firm established in a small village called Reineh, later on, we
decided to move our showrooms to Nazareth city in order to serve as
many clients as we can.

The company operates in the field of import, we do so by focusing on
our customer’s needs. Specialist and high-quality ornaments are our
main importance.

Our efforts and expectations

02. Clients and Goals

We serve clients from all over the country, north to south, and we strive to share our success all over the world soon.

Our website offers you an easy, friendly, and secure way for
comfortable online shopping, paying online, and receiving your order
to any place you choose.

Christmas Decoration
Creative Ideas

The road to Success

03. Vision

WEHBEH LAND’S vision is to gather more years of both experience and leadership in the market place, through which we can serve and bring joy and happiness to you and to many other families around the world.