Site License


  1. W. Alpha 2007 for Import and Marketing Ltd is the legal owner of website, for the sale of Christmas and Easter gifts, and so forth – on the aforementioned website and / or through emails sent to the “loyalty program” customers and / or in other affiliate sites and / or any platform on which the site owner decides to promote its products (hereinafter: “the company” and / or “the site” and / or “the site owner” and / or “the business“).
  2. The sale is done via the Internet.
  3. The terms of use are worded in the masculine form for the purposes of convenience only; the text refers to both sexes equally.
  4. The provisions of this license shall apply to any use made by the visitors (hereinafter: “the user” and / or “client“), including the purchase and / or entry and / or visit to the website and / or use and / or contact by mail and / or any other media, and you hereby give your consent and approval that you have read and understood the following terms of use including the privacy statement arising from these terms of use which is set out below.
  5. If you do not agree to the terms of use, please do not use the services of the company and / or the site.
  6. The binding and determining license wording is the license published on the site at the moment of purchase; the company recommends its users to read and to be updated, from time to time, the terms of use.
  7. The commissioning party must be above 18 years of age that is not legally incompetent and the owner of a valid credit card.


Terms of purchase and products

  1. Details of the technical specification, terms of the transaction including the price of the products will appear on the product page. The site owner reserves the right to change the product page with its contents including but not limited to colors and / or features and / or price at any time (hereinafter: “product page“).
  2. To order a product, choose a product according to the instructions on the site – product, model, color, size, all according to the context of the product and according to the choices the site offers in each product (hereinafter: “the product“).
  3. In the order form, fill in the personal details that the site requests, such as name, address, telephone, email and payment methods (hereinafter: “commissioning party details “) and finally send the form with the commissioning party details when they are complete, accurate, correct and whole. (Hereinafter: “order placement” and / or “the order“).
  4. At the time of placing the order, the website and / or the company will perform an examination regarding the commissioning party details with the credit card company, in order to receive confirmation of the placement of the order. Upon receipt of the approval, the company shall give confirmation notice of the order, subject to the product presence and availability (hereinafter: “order confirmation“). It should be emphasized that the charge of the commissioning party for the ordered product is made at the time of placing the order.
  5. The products that received an order confirmation, i.e., an order has been placed for which an order confirmation has been received, will be referred to as “items“.
  6. If there is no confirmation from the credit card company to place the order and therefore no order confirmation has been issued, the user must contact the customer service by email and / or telephone as published on the site and arrange the matter. For the avoidance of doubt, the site owner shall have no responsibility and shall not bear any direct and / or indirect damage to orders that have not received an order confirmation.
  7. For additional terms, see the additional terms section below.


Supply of the product and items

  1. The valid date for counting shipping days is from the day of the order confirmation receipt, after the payment for the item, the item will be sent to the purchaser according to the address specified on the website and / or the order confirmation and / or the order placement.
  2. Delivery option:
  3. Home delivery or delivery points, up to 7 business days, once the order is confirmed.
  4. Local Orders: standard shipping cost is 39 NIS. Free shipping on orders over NIS 450 (not valid during the discount period or for heavy shipping).
  5. The company retains the right to add and / or detract delivery options and / or forms of receipt of the item, all to the exclusive discretion of the site owner.
  6. If the order is made as a payment transaction, the company retains the right to charge the shipping cost for the first payment.
  7. The company shall not be responsible for the delay and / or lateness in the shipment carried out by a third party and / or affected by force majeure and / or strikes and / or disruptions and / or failure to coordinate the shipment due to a non-respond by the customer and / or any other reason that the site owner could not prevent, such a delay shall not constitute a breach of a obligation to supply the product.
  8. The company shall retain the right to supply the product upon the ending or removal of the factor preventing and / or delaying such supply. When counting the number of days for the supply of the product will continue from the date the prevention interrupted the counting of days.
  9. Shipping companies sometimes refuse to deliver to certain areas; in the described situation an area that will be acceptable to both sides will be coordinated.
  10. The delivery service and the coverage areas are subject to the discretion of the site owner only. The business is entitled to change the distribution areas without prior notice at any time.
  11. If the company becomes aware, according to its procedures and policies, that the item cannot be supplied to the purchaser and no other suitable solution is found, the company may cancel the transaction at any time until the supply of the product. If the transaction is canceled, the client will be entitled to his money back using the means of payment that made the original order and / or the credit charges will be canceled and / or the amount of the debit will be credited.
  12. The client must inform the company if the item has not been delivered during the supply period stated on the site.
  13. The terms of delivery shall be carried out in accordance with the details on the product page in the event that the written information differs from the site license.
  14. The days shall be counted from the moment of receipt of the order confirmation and the actual payment in the company computers as aforesaid.


The purchase transaction cancellation

  1. The user may cancel a transaction executed on the site pursuant to the Consumer Protection Law, 1981 (hereinafter: “the Consumer Protection Law“) and in accordance with the policy for the return of products that will be published from time to time to the company discretion on the website and / or this license.
  2. Cancellation of an order shall be made from the day of the order execution up to fourteen days from the date of receipt of the product or receipt of a document prepared according to section 14C (b) in accordance with the Consumer Protection Law which includes, inter alia, details of the original transaction execution.
  3. The purchaser will be entitled to receive a full refund in accordance with the means of payment that made the transaction and / or any other method chosen by the site. All in accordance with the return of the product in the contact details appearing on the website and / or in this license.

In order to return or exchange a product, the buyer must contact us in a written notice with the details of the order, in order to clarify the request and obtain a permit for return. The purchaser must ensure in writing our reception of the product and that we received it after delivery and no later than two business days from the date of shipment; and at his expense.

  1. Receipt of the product in our office does not constitute a confirmation of return of the product for credit.
  2. A returned product must be sent to the address: Paulus 6th St, Nazareth.
  3. In canceling a transaction, the client must inform whether he wishes to receive a monetary credit in the credit card or a credit for another purchase on the site.
  4. Return of the product will only be possible if the product is not used and it is kept in its original packaging, without any defect and / or wear.
  5. A monetary credit may not be granted for a payment with a Direct Card but a credit on the site for the purchase of another product.
  6. A transaction made in installments shall be repaid in installments on the same credit card in which the transaction was executed.
  7. The possibility of crediting exists only with the condition that the purchaser is the one who bought the product and paid for it with a credit card that is in his possession, and he has the original credit receipt as it was sent to him at the time of purchase.
  8. The cancellation terms mentioned above shall not apply to products and / or items manufactured in accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law, Section 14 (c) d- goods manufactured especially by consumer order; unless the business, beyond the letter of the law, agrees to this.
  9. Cancellation will be done by fax and / or mail to the company and / or any other way that the site owner will see fit and will publish on the site.
  10. In the event of an order cancellation according to the above rules, the client will be charged a cancellation fee of 5% or 100 NIS whichever is lower and according to the law.
  11. If you received a product that appeared to you differently on the site itself, in its size, color, etc., please contact the business in an orderly and written manner within 14 days as stated. The business has sole discretion whether to accept the product back.


Transaction cancellation by the website owner

  1. In the event that the product is out of stock, the company shall offer an alternative product and / or a refund. The company shall not bear any damages of the client as stated above, the company shall have the right to cancel the transaction.
  2. If the details of the ordering party have not properly received for any reason, the company may cancel the purchase transaction at its discretion.
  3. When the order was made unlawfully and / or not in accordance with this license, the company may cancel the transaction.
  4. An order cancellation notice shall be delivered to the customer according to the details he filled out.
  5. If any scribal error has been made in the offer and / or the order, the company may cancel the transaction.


Product warranty

  1. The warranty for the products shall be according to the product packaging and / or the accompanying product page, if there is no warranty information applicable, the warranty shall be in accordance with the importer policy and / or product supplier.
  2. The warranty will apply as long as the use of the products is done in a reasonable manner according to what is customary depending on the type of product.


Customer Service

  1. If there is a need for support, the company will submit a contact form that will be posted on the website for inquiries and questions. The company will return as soon as possible to applicants who have left the contact details.



Contact details of the site

  1. Mail:, telephone that is published on the website
  2. You may contact for any question, request or subject


Information confidentiality and privacy policy

  1. The company will make reasonable efforts to preserve the details of the users and not to hand them over to third parties, as long as there is no legal necessity to do so, but the site activity is carried out in an online environment and therefore the company cannot guarantee absolute immunity from penetration into its computers or disclosure of stored information by illegal operators and as long as an external party enters the information stored by the company and / or uses this information the user shall not have any claim, demand or requirement against the company of any kind whatsoever.
  2. Commissioning party details may be used to send details of other products by e-mail, only after the user’s consent and / or notification thereof, all according to the law.
  3. Users of the site declare that they are aware that the company collects statistical information about the activities of its users on the site, inter alia, use of cookies technology and other analytical tools for marketing and business purposes, in order to adapt the site to the user’s preferences and the like.
  4. Cookies are text files that the user’s browser creates according to a command and saves on the hard drive of the user’s computer. These files contain a variety of information, including the pages visited by the user, the length of time spent on the site, where the user came from, the information the user wants to see when entering the site, and more.
  5. The company encrypts the information that is essential in the accepted technologies and according to the requirements of the law. For example, using SSL technology to transmit encrypted information such as payment methods accepted in electronic commerce sites and / or in accordance with the international standard PCI DSS, a uniform standard for business information security (third party service).


Intellectual property and ownership of the site

  1. All rights in the site including the images, the products themselves, the site design, logo, interface, site structure, software, applications, computer code, graphic files, text and any other material contained therein are the property of the company and are its intellectual property. You may not copy, modify, publish, transmit, transfer, sell, distribute or make any commercial or other use of the content of the site or any part thereof without the prior written consent of the company. Any breach of this section may result in infringement of copyright, trademark rights and / or other intellectual property rights in a manner that may impose criminal and / or civil penalties and / or fines on the user.


Site content and advertisements in it

  1. If the company and / or the site collect the user’s email and notify the user that they will be able to contact him with marketing proposals, the user declares that he expresses his consent that the company and / or anyone on its behalf may contact him from time to time with marketing and advertising proposals, including through direct mail, SMS, e-mail, facsimile, and automated dialing system and / or any other means of communication, and that he shall have no argument and / or demand and / or claim, including according to the Spam Law, Section 30A of the Communications Law (Telecommunications and Broadcasts), 1982.
  2. The user declares that he will have no claim regarding the advertisements and / or offers displayed on the site. It should be emphasized that the “product screen” page is increasing if there are discrepancies between the details of the promotion in the advertisement and the product page, the user will have no claim on the matter.
  3. The user declares that he is aware that the site collects information about him and may from time to time display advertisements in order to improve his shopping experience and / or to interest him in other and / or complementary products and so on.


Liability limitation

  1. As far as the site and / or the service offered on and off the site, including its sold and delivered products to clients, is being assisted with a third party services, including product suppliers. It should be noted that the site owner will not bear indirect and / or direct damage to the purchaser and / or other person.
  2. Furthermore, it shall not bear any liability related to the service allegedly given by the website owner in the matter, such as, but not limited to, the transfer of the data and / or the supply of the products and / or the accuracy of the data relating to the site due to a failure of a third party and / or an external service. All such and other responsibilities apply to a third party, that is, the service provider for which he was hired.
  3. The company makes every effort to maintain the site on a continuous basis without interruption, however from time to time there may be no access to the site.
  4. The website owner reserves the right to limit the number of products that each client and / or ordering party may purchase in one order and in general.
  5. The company is not liable for any damage caused to the purchaser on the site, consequential, direct, reliance, punitive damages and more. In particular but not only in the following cases:
    • Use or ability to use the site on a variety of levels – content, other capabilities and more.
    • Messages, letters and / or any content the user has received from the site and / or the company.
    • Relying on information published on the site whether by the company or by third parties.
    • Damage caused by mistake and / or scribal error in regards to the accuracy of the information details displayed on the site.
    • Reasonable and unreasonable wear and tear of the purchased product, before and after 14 days in accordance with the product return policy in this license.
    • Use of any kind after the purchase of the product.
  6. The above liability limitations do not summarize all liability limitations as set forth in the other license sections in particular in regard of the privacy matter, but not only. In any event, the liability limit of the site will be the maximum price paid by the client.


Additional terms

  1. The company has the right to limit the number of items that one user can order, even after receipt of an order confirmation.
  2. The company reserves the right to have a processing time of up to 3 business days. At the end it will inform the user if there is an order confirmation.
  3. The company has the right to update the product page with all its details from time to time. Remove out of stock products and more.
  4. It is hereby clarified that the pictures are illustrative only, and there may be changes between the images and the proposed product that will be supplied in practice, which stems, among other things, due to that the colors and shades of the images displayed on a computer screen are sometimes different from the product in reality. It should be noted that the site owner makes every effort to accurately reflect the products on the site within the limits of the accepted technologies. Therefore, if you received a product with a significant gap between the item ordered on the site and the actual product you received, contact us with contact information for further examination. As aforesaid, the shades and proportions of the products may vary.
  5. The prices specified on the site include VAT, unless otherwise expressly stated.
  6. Although the company controls the information and its correctness, the company and / or its representatives are not liable for any consequences that may result from error, omission, inaccuracy or misleading information that appears on the site. It is hereby clarified that the company is not responsible for direct and / or indirect damage and / or loss that may be caused by the data presented on this website.
  7. A notice of an order confirmation does not constitute evidence of the performance of the action and does not bind the site. Only registration recorded in the company computers shall constitute conclusive evidence of the correctness of the actions.
  8. The section headings are used for convenience and orientation and will not be used in interpretation of the terms of use.
  9. If there are contradictions between the clauses, those who are more likely in the circumstances and context will prevail.